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The Problem

No matter what type of warehouse business you have, the purchase and maintenance of your materials handling and storage systems can be a financial, legal and occupational health and safety minefield. Unfortunately even with so much at stake it is an industry severely lacking when it comes to unbiased expert advice and opinion.

Too often companies are forced to make their decisions based on the sales pitch of a representative whose agenda is purely to sell a particular brand of product, regardless of whether it truly is the best value and most suitable to your needs. This is even more concerning given the proliferation in recent years of cheaply made imported product that can fail to meet Australian standards.

The Solution

One Call Warehouse is an independent, 100% Australian owned and operated storage and materials handling business.

Established by director Max Sears who has vast experience within the industry, our goal is simple; to provide the best possible service and products to our clients.

As an independent supplier who is not exclusively tied to any manufacturer, we are able to focus on always acting in our clients best interests, providing the best value solutions rather than pushing any one particular brand of product.

When it comes to specifying and supplying products to our clients we look at factors such as true value not just price, quality, resale value, parts availability and many more. We make sure that all products supplied come with appropriate certification for your peace of mind and legal responsibilities.

In addition to our quality products we are also lucky to work with installation teams of the highest quality and experience having previously worked with some of the countries largest blue chip companies. You can rest assured our installers will deliver your job safely and with the highest quality workmanship and professionalism.

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