Advantages and Types of Industrial Shelving

Currently, a lot of companies are faced with space constraints. It is increasingly becoming expensive to rent bigger spaces; hence, the need to utilize every space maximally so that businesses can meet their storage needs. There are various types of storage systems available that can enable businesses to use their spaces to the fullest. An ideal industrial storage system should help the business to meet different needs such as taking up little floor space, providing more room for storage and also easy to use.

Fortunately, various industrial shelving systems can enable businesses to meet their storage needs. These systems have proven to be beneficial regardless of where they are used. They have made it easy for businesses to organise their inventory, stock up and move things both in offices and in the major industrial companies.

Top 5 advantages of industrial shelving

Industrial shelving systems are known to save on floor space while offering more storage space because the shelves are placed on top of each other. That way, a small space is utilized, and more items are stored on them.Shelving systems also enable businesses to organize their work spaces. It makes it easy to find and retrieve items from the shelves by the employees who make their work efficient.

Good shelving systems have also been shown to improve customer service. If you are operating a warehouse, then it makes it easy to organize customer orders by making sure that everything is stored and held in one place.

Shelving units have also been shown to reduce the occurrence of accidents in the industries. If all the materials are organized well, then there is nothing that is left to litter the floors. It helps reduce accidents that could create a big mess in the whole area.

Industrial shelving units also help businesses to manage their inventory. When you have everything labeled, then it becomes easy to know the amount of stock that you have in your stores.

Types of industrial shelving

There are various types of industrial shelving units. They include:


• Wood shelving- wood shelving provides the classical way of shelving. Industrial wood shelves are made of high-quality woods that are well polished and mounted into frames. It is used extensively in libraries around the world. Wood shelves are suitable in a setting where there is no need to keep moving items. They are sturdy, durable and also appealing to the eyes as they come in classy and traditional appearance


• Plastic shelving- plastic shelves hit are the most recent entrants into the market. They are mostly used to store and display light items. Plastic shelving is made of high-quality plastic materials that are resistant to corrosions from acids and solvents. They are equally elegant and more affordable compared to wood shelves


• Wire shelving- wire shelves dominate most modern homes and offices and even industrial companies. They are preferred for their versatility, durability, and elegance when they are used to store or display materials. It has become popular due to the availability of materials. Metal is readily available compared to wood, and that’s why wire shelves are cheaper than wood shelves. These shelves can be used in all settings including in industries where there is a lot movement of materials from the storage rooms.


• Metal shelving- metal shelving and wire shelving have a lot of similarities with the main difference being that metals shelves are a lot more heavy duty than wire shelves. They are used in industries to store heavy material. The majority of the metals shelves available in the market are made from steel although other options are available as well.



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