Cool Room Shelving in Melbourne

Make storage a breeze with coolroom shelving from One Call Warehouse

Despite its name, “cool room shelving” has a variety of uses that are ideal for commercial cool room applications, as well as general purpose storage, retail displays, and many others.

One Call Warehouse typically supplies two types of cool room style shelving in Melbourne:

Zinc plated shelving:

cool_room_shelving_2-150x150Durable, easy to assemble, and cost-effective, zinc plated shelving is rust-resistant to ensure a long life. The removable shelves also make it a breeze to clean. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, we can design a cool room shelving system to suit your needs. Zinc plated shelving can also be supplied with lockable castors for mobile units.

Plastic cool room shelving:

As the alternative to traditional zinc plated shelving, plastic cool room shelving is quickly gaining favour with many companies due to its incredibly easy to clean surface. It is also ideal for storing products such as chlorine, which reacts negatively to metal, causing corrosion. As with zinc plated shelving, plastic cool room shelving comes in a variety of configurations and can be fitted with lockable castors for mobility.

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