Pallet Rack Protection

Don’t risk it – invest in rack protection today with One Call Warehouse

rack_protection_2“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

Whoever coined this phrase could well have been referring to racking protection.

Damaged racking can be an expensive problem, not just the cost of replacement parts but also the process of unloading and reloading goods. This of course creates downtime associated with repairs. Economical and effective, time and time again we have seen the savings brought about by installing effective protection to all sizes of racking installations.

When it comes to protecting your investment, nothing beats Rack Armour

rack_protection_3One Call Warehouse recommends Rack Armour for your racks. An innovative Australian-made product, Rack Armour offers many benefits over traditional metal protectors.

Standard metal protectors usually attach to the concrete through bolts, however Rack Armour attaches directly to the upright with no anchoring required. The advantages of this are twofold: installation times and costs are greatly reduced, and its unique plastic and foam construction and design helps avoid the problem of breaking the concrete that a rack is attached to.

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