Tips to Preventing Equipment Damage in Warehouses

In warehouse and manufacturing operations, you will experience damage that leads to losses. Things get broken, and tools get damaged. Equipment can break in many ways, and it becomes expensive. That means products should be handled with care to keep your warehouse costs as low as possible. Note that product damage results from some other form of damage in your warehouse. However, worry no more because this article provides you with tips on how to reduce equipment damage. You can put in place several preventive measures to avoid the destructions. The article looks at the types of injuries in a warehouse and how to prevent them from occurring, which ultimately lowers warehouse costs

Preventing pallet rack damage

The warehouse can be hectic, so it is important to come up with substantial damage prevention practices to minimize losses and prevent employee injury. Here are ways to reduce accidents in your warehouse and minimize damage:


If a driver can see clearly then the chances of causing an accident are low. Adequate lighting in the store increased visibility, so the driver can safely negotiate the aisle with a clear view of the racks.


Driver training should be a priority. All forklift drivers must be certified and go through a safety course. Drivers must also receive training in the maintenance, the racking system, operational limits, and characteristics of their forklift.

Rack inspection

Pallet racks are prone to wear and tear. Improper loading, collision with forklifts, normal use, and climbing by employees put stress on racks. Therefore, trained personnel need to inspect frames often for row alignment, structural integrity, overloading, corrosion, and floor condition.

warehouse facility


Rack protectionRack Armour metal protectors

Forklifts will eventually hit a rack. Therefore, safeguard racks and prevent loss from the impacts by using safeguarding options available. Some options include low profile rack guards, end of aisle rack guards, and post protectors.

Rack loading

Make sure racks are properly labeled with defined load tolerances. Drivers ought to be trained to balance and stack loads on shelves while keeping weight centered. Heavier loads can be placed on lower rack levels to reinforce upright columns.

Repair and replacement

Make sure you repair or replace damaged racks as soon as you realize they are faulty. Continued use of damaged racks leads to failure, which results in a greater cost of fixing the fault.

Preventing forklift accidents

Lift trucks are essential in warehouses because they improve the efficiency of operations in distribution centers. However, lift trucks are a leading cause of damages in stores. The likelihood of forklifts causing accidents will depend on certain factors like the warehouse design or the technicians handling the trucks. Here are ways of preventing damages caused by a forklift.

Use forklift safety accessories

Warehouses must ensure that they have safety accessories installed in their forklifts to prevent accidents. Some of these accessories include auto park brakes, motion alarms, panoramic forklift mirrors, and flashing lights and backup.

Bright painting on forklift forks

Warehouse management should consider painting forks brightly because it increases visibility. You can paint your forks bright colors so that drivers and other technicians can quickly notice the forks. It prevents forklift accidents and the losses resulting from damages. More safety tips on guidance on the Safe Work Australia website. 

Warehouse design

Your store design is essential. When developing your warehouse, make sure you get a design that favors the use of forklifts to prevent accidents in the store. You can consult design experts to help you come up with the most suitable design depending on the kind of equipment you intend to use in the distribution center.

With the above tips, you can be sure to avoid equipment damage in your warehouse. However, note that you cannot eliminate product damage. Training your employees on warehouse safety would come in handy too. Contact One Call Warehouse today!

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