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Have your warehouse audited by a qualified inspector at One Call Warehouse

To comply with OH&S laws and Australian standards, it is vital to have your racking checked by a qualified person at least once a year. This should be done in conjunction with regular checks by onsite personnel. Often damage to racking can be hidden from the untrained eye. Just because the damage isn’t obvious does not mean that the structure isn’t severely compromised.

Our experienced warehouse inspector will come to your premises and thoroughly check your racking, giving you peace of mind. Our inspector will provide you with a concise report detailing the damage and recommending actions to ensure you comply with Australian standards. This report is provided to you and is kept on record for future reference.

Warehouse training and inspections in Melbourne for your peace of mind

One Call Warehouse is perfectly positioned for warehouse inspections and audits due to our experience and close working relationships with a wide range of manufacturers. We are also happy to train your team on what to look for when conducting your own regular warehouse inspections and audits.

Speak to a qualified warehouse inspector at One Call Warehouse today for an obligation-free quote on how we can make your work a safer place for all.


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