Things you need to know about used racking systems

You own a warehouse and would like to see it filled to the brim with goods — and of course, to have those goods have a high turnover rate which indicates a booming business. No warehouse is complete without pallet racking solutions, and One Call Warehouse is a name you should consider when it comes to installing a proper warehouse racking system, purchasing second hand pallet racking, different kinds warehousing equipment, and material handling systems.

New Vs Used Warehouse Racking

It does not matter the kind of warehouse that you run, One Call Warehouse has the right storage solution waiting. One of the major issues that small businesses often struggle with would be balancing operating costs without sacrificing on quality. Would second hand racking systems be worth investing compared to purchasing a totally new one, especially since the latter would cost a whole lot more and make your accountant frown?

There is value to be unlocked with used pallet racking systems without sacrificing on quality. Picking a suitable used pallet racking system could be one of the better investments your business makes, but price should not be the sole factor to consider as the cheapest does not necessarily result in the best solution. In fact, it is more crucial to ensure that the use pallet racking system you select will cater to your needs, assisting the efficient running of your business which could be crucial when it comes to avoiding further hidden costs down the road.

Make sure you tap into the wealth of experience behind the supplier, since there are numerous pallet racking suppliers around that skirt around the truth when it comes to describing their existing stock of used pallet racking systems. An experienced supplier who has built a solid reputation with its customer base is a relatively safe indication that you are in good hands when picking up a used pallet racking system.

Safety and Compliance

Make sure that you do your part in performing checks on the used pallet racking, ensuring that it conforms to industry standards before making a purchase. After all, you should never underestimate the safety in your warehouse, so performing a thorough check for broken planks, missing support blocks, loose components, damaged parts, improvised joints, improperly welded beams, and rusted components are crucial. A reputable supplier would do their bit in carrying out the proper safety checks prior to having their stock of used pallet racking systems go on sale.

Regular inspection and maintenance should also be part and parcel of your business’ operations, in order to make sure that everything runs in tip top condition. You can also obtain advice from the supplier in terms of the different pallet racking systems that would suit your business best. An efficient pallet racking system does wonders in the overall smoothness of your operations, making the adage “do it once, do it right” ring true.

Since machines do break down from time to time, it is also crucial that the used pallet tracking system you have decided on will have a steady stream of spare and replacement parts for the foreseeable future. One Call Warehouse fulfills all of the criteria above, and your warehouse would be in good hands if you are on the lookout for a used pallet racking system.

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